Lyrics from the third Nem-Q album ‘Fault Lines’ (2017).

Inner Struggle

Near break down
My current state of mind
Of not knowing how to control myself
I worry
What I do to the ones around me
Of what I fear I’m becoming

The tell tale signs are there
I must act
There so much to lose
There so much to lose

Get a grip on myself
I’ll regret it if I don’t
Don’t want to scar
I want to look them in the eyes
When it matters

When it matters

All the good advise
I can’t seem to hold on to
Is washing out of my brain
When it is rising again

I can’t blame them
They just learn at some point
I have to restrain myself

Please stand by me
Don’t leave me alone
I fear …

I fear …

The tell tale signs are there
I must act
There so much to win
There so much to loose
It matters …. to me

I will be alright
In time
I will be alright
Without damage, without flame
I will be alright, in time
I will be alright, with their love


Shooting Stars

Perfection is the only promised result
Nothing less will ever be accepted
Improvements can be measured
And disguised as changes for the best

All things considered we did our best
To gain control
But short term joy rules it all

Weigh the deals against the wishes
Value the nature of the beast, such apparent necessity

Buy your freedom, sell your soul
To the seemingly highest bidder
Using, growing

Oh, It seems so evolved
Hear me now
There is more to this

Our cause is not so clear and justified
It’s rooted in our basic program
Clashing with our modern life
But we don’t see, we can’t take control

It’s time to grow, but there’s no time
Inherent failures in our past
Will become our future again
Where does it end?

We are standing on the shoulders of crippled giants
Shooting stars are what we need
And we wish for the best

But it’s getting bright in here
It’s getting bright in here
Do wishes come true?

It’s getting awfully bright in here
It’s getting awfully bright in here
We wish too much

It’s getting bright here
It’s getting bright here
It’s coming close

Falling rocks from the sky
Will crash down and make us end



Something’s amiss
Something’s missing but it escapes me
It’s like grabbing air

A thought
A shadow in the corner of my eye
Teasing me, gets the better of me
Gets the better of me

It feels like unhappiness
But I don’t have a reason

Restless mind
Restless soul

It seems some poisonous emotion
I’m not familiar with

Restless mind
Restless soul
Restless thoughts
Restless me

Where is all this coming from?
And why after all these years does it appear out of nowhere?
It doesn’t even seem like me, so unlike me
I’m changing as my time progresses

It doesn’t even seem like me
I’m worried about my own immortality
My own vanity is playing with my brain and my state of mind
Now I know what I’m looking for
To be remembered and missed
When my time has come

Now I know what I’m looking for
To be remembered and missed
When my time has come

Now I know what I’m looking for
To be remembered and missed


Perpetual Motion

Continuously turning
Ever flowing, drinking and rolling
The soothing cycle
Assumed to be endless
By us all
By us all

Turning and spinning
An idea that doesn’t exist
Only for the loved ones
And the hope that goes along with it
Enjoy your moments
All the seasons of it
The leaves will fall
And the magic will fade out

A false notion
This will not stream without end

The wisest among us know
But just as the never ending wheel
And the “drinking birds”
Ending is a part of everything

Spinning round and round
Going nowhere, searching endlessly

Going back and forth, proceed with cycle
Seemingly endlessly
Ooh, seemingly endlessly

Do now, love now, be now
Do now, love now, be now
Do now, love now, be now
Do now, love now, be now



High stringed, energized
Being high, feeling wired
Ohh on top, never feel down again
My edge to this treason

On my knees, stay down
Submissive to my ghosts
That suck away my energy
Leaving me with the gloom perception

Jumping around with the dark memories still lodged in my being
Knowing what will come after this
But I am great and strong now
Nothing can stop me

Praying this will not break me
It goes by so slowly
Remind me, It’s just a phase
Just a phase

Born into this rhythm
A balancing act gone wrong

Grown in oscillation
But simply out of phase with everyone
There might be a way out
The unthinkable
Oh the inconcievable

But this might be the end of the line
I’m grasping at straws now please help me



It starts, it commences, it takes off
And it is great and powerful, experience this .. so divine
It flows over distance for a century
Yielding promise and connection
Through time

It goes further, it goes along, we proceed forever
Our connection grows strong and we go forward
The why and the how are not important to us
Knowing each other is what we crave, what I crave

Oooh, this feels right
Oooh, this is sacred
Oooh, this is unexpected, I don’t believe it now

What I want to say, it’s my simple truth
It’s all biological
Our brain gives it meaning
More than it should have
Our evolution urges us to be involved

Chemistry at its finest, so intense, so fake, so utterly pleasing

This doesn’t mean I don’t believe
That I can’t forsake my believes for something better
Just once in a while
This is compelling to me
But I don’t understand how this came to be
All made up, just once in a while
I let it be



Guided meekly in the direction of
The goal and their objective
Don’t fret too much and the tiny dots, they will
Never be connected
Keep everything vague
Nothing gets triggered
And all will turn to the next page

As long as no one remembers what has come
To pass and what has happened
Old reports will not be recollected and
Memory is key
It’s all for the best
Keep things simple
And upset no one
Let them sleep
In their emotionless dream
In their emotionless dream


Fault Lines

An unseen movement
It crumbles beneath us
With a roar
With a thunder

Afloat on unseen seas
The effects can’t be undone
It comes with a tremmor
And it will leave chaos

Fault lines, fractures, forming our own cited history
Fault lines, shaping our very lives for us
Fault line, cravesse, changing our opportunities
Holding us down, moving us forward

Pressure, tension
The bellowing starts
As a cry of change

Fault lines, boundaries, shapers of our mortality
Fault lines, moulding our tomorrow
Fault line, rift, splitting us apart
Perspectives of the same thought

Fault lines, dilemmas, all part of our struggle
Fault lines, still our direction
Fault line, choices, stuck with ourselves
Blessed with our views of the world