“Nem-Q seems to almost effortless interfere completely contradictory scales and seamlessly combine dreamy sections with bombastic beating riffs. In short, all you can expect from good progressive music.” (3voor12)

Nem-Q has been in existence for almost 20 years and despite this age, they know to move forward each and every time in creating their own sound.

In January 2017 the Dutch band releases their third album “Fault Lines”. The album is produced by Nem-Q and mixed and mastered by Dennis Geraads. ‘Fault Lines’ consists of two EP’s with the subtitles: ‘Subduction Zone’ (release 2016) and ‘Terranes’. The album cover shows a break (fault line) between a heart and brain. This not only marks the division of the album, but it also shows the inner struggle of choices and the consequences. The new songs differ greatly in dynamics and atmosphere and are closer to the band than the songs on the previous albums.

The release of “Fault Lines” generates a lot of promising reviews:

3voor12 (NL): “ready for the bigger work”
Aardschok Magazine (NL): “passed without a doubt” (75/100)
Babyblue Seiten (DE): “this is ProgMetal of the highest Level” (9/15)
Lords of Metal (NL): “intriguing, emotional and catchy” (85/100)
Progradar (UK): “excellent songwriting and compelling tunes”
Progwereld (NL): “the singing of Paul Sieben is wonderful to listen to”

The first release of Nem-Q is the album “Opportunities of Tomorrow” (2007). A period aimed on their musical development and live performances followed. In 2012, this all led to a new concept album “301.81”. The title of the album refers to the medical term for a personality disorder. “301.81” distinguishes itself from its predecessor by more complex melodies and vocal lines, heavier riffs and a much darker tone. The album was once again very well received, as Progwereld describes the record as “intelligent prog-rock”. This release leads to a number of special performances in 2013 and 2014 supporting Fates Warning (USA) and Threshold (UK).

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